EMS Associates Degree

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE DEGREE – EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES.  73 Credit Hours Program Description. The Associates of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services prepares individuals who are seeking career advancement and increased employment opportunities in the field of Emergency Medical Services. The combination of the EMT-Paramedic curriculum and the general education courses offered by Emergency Education Institute will enable the student to obtain an Associate of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services. AS EMS Admissions Requirements Registration is considered complete only when the following requirements have been met and the date of such has been indicated on the application.

If the student is not a Certified Florida State Emergency Medical Technician, then they must follow the criteria presented for EMT registration requirements.  If the student is a Certified Florida State EMT then they must follow the criteria presented for Paramedic registration requirements. If the student has completed either or both EMT and Paramedic programs with Emergency Education Institute before enrolling in the AS program they are encouraged to consult with an advisor or EMS director to obtain credit(s) toward their degree. Enrollment is always ongoing.

The approximate length of study required to successfully complete requirements towards an Associate’s Degree in EMS in as little as 6 months. The goal and objectives of Emergency Education Institute for the Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services is to prepare the student with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to advance their career in the field of health and public safety. To develop and promote these competencies to serve in new and advanced career positions in Emergency Medical Services in the State of Florida and through these career advancements can collaborate and consult with agencies and other organizations that are committed to the community’s well being.  Students will demonstrate the cognitive ability to comprehend, apply, and evaluate the clinical information relative to his/her role in EMS. The student will demonstrate technical proficiency in all
psycho-motor skills necessary to fulfill his/her role in EMS. The student will demonstrate effective personal behaviors consistent with professional demeanor. The student will demonstrate the ability to manage a team of rescuers supervise and perform assessment of the scene & patient and apply current patient care protocols given a
pre-hospital emergency scenario. The student will be familiar with the hospital environment including but not limited to policies practices equipment and skills as they relate directly and or indirectly to the field.

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